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Key People

BALAJI LAW CHAMBERS is strengthened by our team of professionals which comprises of people with diverse and rich experience working as lawyers throughout India, in house counsels and paralegal staffs. Our vigorous, well- knitted organization is made up of lawyers from multiple civil and common law jurisdictions qualified to practice law in India as well as internationally.

Our lawyers seek to understand your business and craft innovative solutions in the cutting-edge area of law. Their depth of specialization is combined with breadth of experience and a keen commercial focus.

Bringing together their accomplishments, business experiences, education and interests into the firm-wide culture, our team is fundamental to our success as a local law firm with international standards.

Mr. Abhishek Dutt. Advocate
CEO, Balaji Law Chambers
Ms. Fauzia Ahmed, Advocate
Mr. Sujay Biswas, Advocate
Ms. Mahfuza Khatoon, Advocate